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Serom Medical Technology S.r.l. is a very dynamic company in the medical devices field. It distributes a wide range of medical products in the whole Italian territory concentrating its attention to specific sectors of surgery and medicine such as vascular surgery and endosurgery, cardiosurgery, interventional radiology and cardiology.

Its primary objective is to offer innovative solutions with advanced technology and high quality products to the medical community, supporting its sale activity with a very professional service.

The Product Specialists are very well trained people and the sale force is very active and present in order to guarantee the daily contact with the clients. In the office, based in Rome, work people that can support the sale activity on the field offering answers and solutions in a very quick, serious and efficient way.

The Company has been certified ISO9001-2015

Companies represented in Italy:

Vaskutek Terumo 3Mension Vascular